Professional Property Manager

Professional Property Manager

In order to comfort you in your busy life and release you from your tedious duties, we offer you the peace, security and convenience you need, as we offer you the management of administrative, housing estates and business buildings and estates. Here is the list of our
services, we can make available to you:

  • Professional house manager who organizes and performs every day control on the services mentioned below. He will be available at your request, if you want to ask him questions, or if you need his co-operation to solve all kind of problems seven days every week
  • He will organize general meetings of the owners
  • He will draw up individual document of the Internal order regulations, complied with the characteristic features of every subject
  • He will be your mediator before the municipal administration and the other institutions
  • He will take care about the collection of the money for the current expenses and other fees on the common parts (for the one-room apartments’ owners, the service is available on their request). He will take care about the accountancy and regular
  • accounting reports
  • He will care about the building’s cleaning
  • He will care about the green areas
  • He will care about the maintenance of the electrical equipment, intercom systems, exterior doors , post boxes and common areas
  • He will care about the maintenance of the elevator
  • He will care about the organization of security guards and access control – of professional porters and guards
  • He will care about the supply and maintenance of video surveillance systems of the building



"Tour-Express_Service" LTD works with module constructions, divided into three classes (the respective packages). The packages are STANDARD, PREMIUM and DELUXE. The client's privilege is that once a package is chosen, one is given the possibility to combine it with the desired and needed household appliances and as a result to fashion a completed interior.


Small repairs

We are working with local craftsmen and builders who can make any kind of repair in your property they can make individual offers for individual requirement by the owner.
Following are some services provides as small repairs:
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
If your property need and outside care as gardening, exterior etc. we are able to take care also for this.